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Sherry King RN

Sherry has been a passionate advocate for health from a very early age. At 14, she started volunteering at her local hospital after school. It became apparent almost immediately that her compassion and drive to help those around her would become a lifelong goal.

Sherry became a Registered Nurse and has spent the last 20 years providing patient care, specializing in the surgical department at CKHA (Chatham Kent Health Alliance). Most recently, she started instructing CPR and First Aid courses. Adding to these services she teaches pre-teens and teenagers the Babysitter Training Course and Home Alone Program. Sherry believes that encouraging people to take these courses will enrich the local rural community especially because emergency response can take longer than urban areas, also finding a reliable babysitter is very challenging.

React Now Training was born out of her desire to ensure that children and adults within her local community have the opportunity to be equipped with life-saving skills.

You never know, someday you could save a life!